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How your money helps

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What your donations and fundraising efforts help provide

Your donations go a long way in helping us to keep our support available to families and below is just an example of how your donation can be put to use:

  • Purchasing materials for a child to take part in a children‘s group activity (e.g. baking or an arts and crafts project) to gain confidence and encourage involvement with others

  • Provide an emergency pack for a woman fleeing domestic abuse. In the majority of cases, women turn up at GWA with only the clothes on her back. This could help to provide essential items such as toiletries, nappies, food, a sim card and a phone charger.

  • Provide an activity session for women in refuge (e.g. yoga or stress management) to help build her self esteem and health and wellbeing

  • Provide a child to have a session with our Play Therapist (including travel, subsistence, materials and equipment)

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Fundraising & Donations

Thank you for choosing to fundraise/donate to Glasgow Women's Aid to help support
the women, children, and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse.