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Information for young Women aged 13-19


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Empowering Young Women, Encouraging Healthy Relationships

Enough is a support service for 13-19 year olds who are worried about their relationship. Are you worried about your relationship?

Concerned about the behaviours of someone you're dating? The Enough!! Helpline runs every Thursday from 5:30-7pm on 0141 553 2022.

You might feel like they have too much to say over some aspects of your life. You don’t have to be living together to be experiencing abuse. Abuse in teenage relationships is when you begin to feel controlled or scared of someone.

It can be hard to know if a relationship is unhealthy. We often think of abuse as violence, but this is only one part of an abusive relationship. Unhealthy teen relationships can involve much more than physical violence. It can be subtle and hard to recognise.


What can an unhealthy relationship look like?

  • Feeling Isolated/Excluded

    they get upset when I hang out with anyone else
    they say I cant do better than them
    they act nice around others but not when we are alone
    they made my friends hate me

  • Abused Emotionally

    says things like “if you really loved me you would…”
    they give me regular silent treatment
    makes me feel bad about yourself
    I don’t know which mood they will be in next
    they tell so many lies to me
    I hate the humiliating names they call me

  • Controlled

    I need to ask for permission to do things
    They are violent towards others
    takes or hides my money
    my friends are worried about me
    they control my phone and messages
    they decide most things for me

  • Feeling Threatened or Acts of Violence

    makes you feel on edge
    loses temper often
    follows me or turns up unannounced
    makes me worried about what they might do to themselves
    they break and damage things
    push, squeeze, punch, chokes or hits me

  • Sexual Abuse

    Pays for things / gives me gifts with expectations
    traps me into sending images
    shares private pictures or videos of me
    removes the condom during sex
    pushes me into doing things I don’t like
    Gave me drugs or alcohol
    lied about their age at first
    tells me its normal and no one will believe me

  • Online Abuse

    controls what I do online
    constantly sends me messages and calls
    shares things about me online to hurt me
    uses my passwords to access my accounts

  • Being Blamed or Gaslighted

    makes me feel so crazy, I don’t know what is true (gaslighting)
    always gives me excuses for bad behaviour
    it’s always me that has to apologise
    tells me they are ashamed of me
    says I’ve been with someone else