Information for Women

Safety Planning

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Suggested Safety Planning

Sometimes women and children may have to leave their home in a hurry. It can be helpful to make some preparations which will enable this to be done more safely and will allow you to bring essentials with you.

Here are some ideas

  • Mobile Phone

    Try to keep your mobile charged and on hand, if possible, purchase a cheap phone that your partner is not aware of.

  • Accommodation

    Know where temporary accommodation can be sought.

  • Phone Numbers

    Have a list of important telephone numbers.

  • Transport

    Have money for a bus or taxi fares.

  • Keys

    Have an extra set of keys to your home or car.

  • Emergency Bag

    Pack an emergency bag.

  • Documents

    Take important documents e.g. benefit paperwork passport, medical cards, bank information and any legal information.

  • Medicines

    Take any essential medicines.

  • Safe time to leave

    Think about when it would be most safe to leave depending on your situation, i.e. to avoid adding pressure to your children if you have any.  Try to leave when your partner is not around.

  • Partners Routine

    Try to leave at a time when your partner is not around.

  • Gradual Removal of Items

    You may be able to gradually take some belongings to a trusted friend or relatives house little by little, so your partner doesn’t notice.

  • Personal Items

    Take some personal belongings if it is safe to do so.


Information for Women

Glasgow Women's Aid works from a feminist perspective which acknowledges that the root cause of the abuse of women and children is the imbalance of power which exists within our society and allows some people to have more power than others.

The development of our service provision over the last 40 plus years has been guided by the women, children, and young people that we have supported. They are our inspiration.