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2023 is our 50th year, and we want to mark this by sharing the voices, stories, and wisdom of the women we support.

If you have used any of our services, we'd love for you to write a postcard to a woman that may be at the beginning of her support journey. Imagine that she has walked through our doors for the first time, or is wondering whether she should.

If you could pass on a message, what would you say?

Please feel free to write about your own experience with Glasgow Women's Aid, as you feel comfortable.

We will write your submission onto a postcard as part of our project that will be displayed on our social media, resources, and our 50th event.

Write your postcard!

To write your postcard, please click here.

Postcard Example

Being in refuge has changed my life in a way that I didn't think was possible. Thanks to Glasgow Women's Aid we have been able to create new memories and have a fresh start. My children have built wonderful relationships with the workers and I am grateful for the support that they have given me during the most difficult time in my life. Please know that things can change for you, too. Life is brighter now, and it will get better.